Important for Employers – Complimentary ERISA Compliance Training Seminars

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Back by popular demand, we have partnered with TASC to provide ERISA training from the comfort of your own office.  Any employer offering benefits to at least 2 employees must comply with ERISA, or face potential fines.   We want to help you protect yourself from a DOL ERISA audit, so this complimentary 45 minute on-line training is offered as a service to you.  The dates and times are below, and you can read more about this below that.  We hope you can attend!

Seminar 1       AUGUST 24TH @ 2PM (AZ Time)

 Link for attendees:

Conference Call Line: Toll Free (877) 804-8416

*Conference Code:  7751934225


 Seminar 2       AUGUST 25TH @ 10 AM (AZ time)

 Link for attendees:

Conference Call Line: Toll Free (877) 804-8416

*Conference Code:  7751934225

You can email or call me with your preference as to which webinar will work best for you.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedules for this important webinar.

L & A Services, Inc


By now we have all heard plenty about the Affordable Care Act, and many of us have already received a letter from the Department of Labor.  In 2013, the Department of Labor hired over 1,000 auditors to collect $1.6 Billion in penalties for employers that are non-compliant.  It is estimated that 95% of all employers are not fully compliant with ERISA or new provisions of the Affordable Care Act, which will leave many businesses vulnerable to fines.

Our goal at L & A Services, Inc is to remove the threat of fines from $100-$1100 per person per day, in addition to legal fees that come with an ERISA audit. We believe the ERISA compliance service available through TASC or another one of our administrative service companies is a practical solution to protect your business against potentially large fines and/or legal fees and will give you peace of mind in the likely event of a DOL audit.

This has recently become an extremely important topic for our business customers.  It is up to the employer to comply with all the complex laws surrounding employee benefits; neither insurance companies nor your insurance agent can protect you against these fines.  However, we can offer you tools and resources to protect yourself.

In anticipation of this demand, we are holding two live informational webinars to inform you and answer questions you may have. You can attend them in the comfort of your own office. Each will last approximately 40 minutes with 10 minutes for questions. We would welcome your attendance and feedback.


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