International Travel ? Safety Tips To Observe


The recent surge in the U.S. dollar has made international travel more affordable than in many years and experts predict U.S. travel internationally to increase as well as what the travelers will come back with – more than souvenirs. You may hear of chikungunya in the Caribbean or measles in the Phillipines. The benefits of international travel are many but travelers should be aware that they risk sickness or injury when they travel. Travel Health Insurance If you need to go to a hospital or clinic overseas, you will probably be asked to pay out-of-pocket for services which can be very expensive. Consider your options in case you need care while you are abroad; especially if you have health conditions or if you will be engaging in adventure activities. Find out if your health insurance plan covers emergencies that happen abroad.  Ask about the exclusions, such as preexisting conditions or adventure activities. Consider buying a short-term supplemental policy.  Look for a policy that will make payments to hospitals directly. Discuss Travel Plans with Primary Care Physician

  • Where you are travelling and length of trip
  • Activities you might do
  • Other applicable personal factors:  age, medical condition/history
  • Make sure you are up-to-date with routine vaccinations including flu
  • Learn more about vaccinations by country :  Vaccination Page

Avoid Bug Bites Several diseases are spread by mosquitos and other bugs.  Us an insect repellant, wear pants and sleeves if necessary and sleep in air conditioned rooms or at lease have window or door screens. Choose Safe Transportation Traffic accidents are the #1 cause of death among international travellers, so practice road safety.  Don’t ride in a car at night in a developing country.  Avoid overcrowded or top-heavy buses.  And don’t ride motorcycles. Thank you for reading/sharing and contact us if you have additional questions or concerns.


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