Health Insurance Open Enrollment is Open Starting Today!!!

OpenEnroll1OpenEnroll22015 Health Insurance Open Enrollment begins today!

We can help!

Whether you are enrolling for 2015 on or off the Marketplace, call our office, L&A Services, Inc. for help with your choices.

 You may QUALIFY FOR A SUBSIDY to help you pay for your insurance.

If you do not have qualified health insurance, you may be facing a 2% penalty at tax time.

The attached 5 Steps To Staying Covered Through The Marketplace will help you know what you may need to do.

On The Marketplace, you will need to provide the NAME and National Producer Number(NPN) for your Broker:   BENJAMIN ROSKY, NPN:  6747133.

We can help explain the changes for next year, 2015 premiums and provide alternative plan choices so call our office if you have any questions.

If you do nothing, depending on the carrier, you will stay in the same plan at the new 2015 premium rate or be mapped to a new plan if your current plan is being discontinued. 


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