Blue Cross Blue Shield Updates on 2015

bcbsaz logoBeginning 1/1/2015, BCBSAZ will no longer be offering the Alliance and Select exclusive network PPO plans.  It also noted that If no action is taken on or before the member’s 1/1/2015 renewal date the member would be mapped to a similar Statewide PPO network. 

For Example:

Member’s Current Plan:    EverydayHealth $1,000 Alliance PPO                                

On 1/1/2015 member will be mapped to:     EverydayHealth $1,000 Statewide PPO              

Customers looking for a lower cost premium plan option and who are happy with their Alliance or Select choice of providers may want to consider an Alliance or Select HMO plan. The Alliance and Select HMO plan options use the same network as the current PPO Alliance and Select plans and cost less than the Statewide PPO. 

NOTE: A new Alliance or Select HMO plan will not cover services from providers outside of the network except for emergenciesFor these plans, the customer must use an in-network doctor or hospital to have access to coverage for most services. 

L & A Services can provide you with plan options and even help you make changes with just a phone call.  Call 602-996-6010 for help.


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