Aetna 2015 Plan Updates – Arizona

Aetna Logo

In October Aetna will be mailing out letters to members outlining options for 2015 and informing them that some plans are being terminated at the end of 2014.

Most members will be automatically enrolled into a new plan.  But others are being informed that their coverage will be ending December 31, 2014.

This includes pre-ACA plans as well as those who purchased ACA compliant plans both “ON” and “OFF” the exchanges.

In most cases, Aetna will automatically renew members into a 2015 plan. The letter will include information about the plan benefits and premium. If the member likes the new plan, they need to do nothing.

In some situations, Aetna will recommend a plan but will not be able to auto‐enroll the member. These members will need to submit a 2015 application when open enrollment begins on November 15.

Members always have the option to decide not to take the recommended plan, whether Aetna automatically enrolls them or not.

L&A Services will help these members understand their options, including shopping on the public exchange.


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