Humana Cancels Some Individual Plans for 2015

Humana Logo

Members were sent a letter in late September as a reminder of the termination of the following plans after 12/31/2014:

  • Portrait Share 80 Plus RX Enhanced Copay
  • Monogram Total Plus RX Copay
  • Autograph Share 80 Plus RX Copay
  • Autograph Share 70 Plus RX Value
  • Autograph Share 80 HSA
  • Enhanced HSA / 100%
  • Autograph Share 80 HSA
  • Autograph Total HSA
  • Autograph Total Plus RX HSA

New plans offered by Humana & other major carriers are available during Open Enrollment, which begins November 15.  There will be many other options available at that time.

Starting November 15:  You are free to choose a new plan (if desired), and re-calculate the Advanced Premium Tax Credit for 2015 (if applicable).

If the plan you have is not being cancelled, all Humana Individual Members that purchased a plan with a 2014 effective date have the option to continue with that same plan.  All that is necessary is to pay the NEW monthly premium.  No other action will be needed to keep their plan in 2015.

FFM clients (clients enrolling on the exchange using the website) will need their broker information when they enroll using the Health Insurance Marketplace.  Don’t forget to include your agent’s name, Health Insurance Marketplace (FFM) User ID and National Producer Number (NPN) on any enrollment communications this season.

Remember you have options!  If you would like to enroll in a different plan for 2015, the Open Enrollment Period (OEP) runs from November 15th – February 15th.

On November 7th, it is anticipated that will be open to preview rates and plans and the Open Enrollment period will begin November 15th.


Contact your agent, Ben Rosky at L&A Services Inc. for advice by December 14, 2014 to avoid a gap in coverage if you have one of the plans to be terminated.


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