Life Insurance – Basic Finance For Families



If you are head of a family which depends on your income then life insurance, because of it’s nominal cost, is considered a “no-brainer” by financial professionals because it protects against the risk of real, life-changing, catastrophic loss for families that have not already accumulated large amounts of assets.

1. If you wish to provide for the future of your family…even if, for whatever reason, you don’t survive but do indeed, die prematurely, life insurance will replace YOUR lost earnings for YOUR beneficiary or beneficiaries!

2. Even if you do live a long life… life insurance instantly creates an inheritance to pass to your heirs.  So even if you do not have or accumulate large amounts of assets your beneficiary will eventually receive an inheritance from you.

3. Life Insurance can settle outstanding debts… like a mortgage, car loans or credit card debts. Would your surviving family members sell the house and move because your income was no longer available to pay the mortgage and monthly payments on any outstanding credit balances?

4.  Life Insurance can provide money for…your beneficiaries for future life ventures such as post-primary education, marriage or even a business venture.

5.  Life Insurance will protect your loved ones from fear and anxiety … a difficult time.  At a time of enormous personal grief and loss your life insurance will protect your loved ones from the accompanying fear of the financial consequences created by you no longer being there in person to provide for them.

Depending on the type of policy, life insurance is considered cheap so there’s really no reason for not getting covered.

The younger you get covered the cheaper the policy.  And, did you know, it guarantees future insurability regardless of future health condition?

If you already have a life insurance policy then it may be time to review the details of that policies’ provisions with your insurance professional to see if any changes are needed.  Do you still have the right amount of coverage?  policy provisions?  beneficiaries?

If you do not already have life insurance and would like to know more and/or price coverage for yourself then visit or call L&A Services office (602) 996-6010.


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