L & A Builds New Relationships to Serve Clients Better

More Options!  You have a problem, we have a solution (or two)!MC900440379[1]

We are constantly on the look out for the best solutions for you, our clients. One size does not fit all, so it is important we align ourselves with the right resources to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Recently, we established a few new notable relationships with high-quality companies providing a broad range of insurance benefit-related solutions. These new companies diversify our portfolio of options, including life insurance, benefits administration, compliance, and worksite benefits, giving us the ability to serve you better. These new relationships include:

Company AM Best Rating Niche
Guardian Life A++ Whole Life
Mass Mutual A++ Advanced Life & Disability
Transamerica A+ Worksite Voluntary Benefits
Colonial A Worksite Voluntary Benefits
Lincoln Financial A+ Annuities
TASC N/A Benefits admin & compliance (employer)
Allied Benefits N/A Self-Funding Benefits Administration
Crescent/Companion Life A+ GAP plans (Medical Bridge)

We have the right people in the right places to get things done for you in a quick and efficient manner.

There were also other companies that do not (or no longer) meet the needs of our agency or our customers. We have closed or refused relationships that were not helpful or no longer serving our client’s needs.

If there are any specific needs you have, let us know.  This is what we do…seek out and find your solutions!




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