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                      In life we’re told to dream big, hit it out of the park, or go for the gold.  Big aspirations are great to have, but you should take a more calculated approach when setting your fitness goals.  Smaller goals or starting off easier may seem counter-productive however we want you to have success not burnout or injury. 

   The hardest part is getting started. The average person wants to get in better shape however the average person will take 3-5 years before they do something about it. Procrastination is the #1 killer to any workout program. We hear this a lot, “I will start on Monday”. Could you imagine how you would look or feel if you started when you said for the first time I want to get in better shape? Consistency is the key.

         Think about how many times you have heard someone set a huge goal to lose 50 pounds or more or over do their training in the beginning only to fall off the wagon after a few weeks.  Even when people have good intentions and will power in life without a plan and a S.M.A.R.T goal they stumble, fail or even quit. Here is how S.M.A.R.T goals work:

            Specific- What is my goal?  Your goals should be realistic. You can’t go from 0-100 in fitness.  Small progressive steps towards reasonable long term goals are crucial to success.

Example:  I want to lose 50 pounds by this time next year.

            Measurable- How am I going to measure my success.  Most of us just get on a scale and want to see it go down.  I tell most my clients to weigh only once a month, there are many other ways to measure success.  Body fat going down?  Are you looking smaller in the mirror?  Circumference measurements, dress sizes getting smaller?  How you feel?  We are programmed to be on the scale but there are many ways to measure your success. 

            Attainable and Realistic:  Make sure you can actually achieve what you’re setting out to do.  Otherwise you will get frustrated and quit the game.

            Time bound:  Goals need to come with deadlines and due dates and payoff schedules.  Otherwise, they’ll fade into the background and you will quit the game.

            Creating short term goals is the key.  At Elite Fitness, if we have a client who needs to lose 50 lbs. we set 10 pound goals.  This will keep you focused on smaller wins and we celebrate every win.  It seems easier and doesn’t take as long to lose 10 lbs. 5 times than it does to lose 50 lbs.  It is a mind set 50 lbs. seems like it would take forever.  If you lost 10 lbs., you would feel great.  


            Setting goals is very important and the most successful people have a plan and execute on their plan.  Another area we see people quit their exercise program is after one month.  What happens in when you only have one routine or one plan to follow, we feel good in the beginning, however it only takes 3 weeks for your body to adapt to what it is doing.  We have hit a wall”.  We stop seeing those minimal results and quit your program.  Clients who are switching up their routines or programs are much more successful and see more results.  Use the F.I.T.T.T principle when training.

            Frequency- How often you are working out.  Center of disease control recommends a minimum of 3 30 minute sessions per week.

            Intensity- How hard you are going out your workout.  Vary your intensity will help your body heal and feel better.  Sometimes slower controlled workouts burn more calories than high intensity workouts.

            Type of workout- what routine are you following.  For 3 weeks work full body.  Then the next 3 weeks split the body in half.  Alternating upper and lower body workouts every other day.

            Tempo- Tempo or pace of your movement during a repetition, can make a big difference.  For example while doing a chest press change the timing of the eccentric movement.  Try different repetition ranges also.  Some weeks do set of 8-12 some weeks do 12-15, some weeks do 15-20 etc.

            Time- Believe it or not by changing up the time of day you workout will also “shock the body” and help you break through plateaus.  For instance if you workout in the AM try that everytime for 3 weeks.  Your body will say wait a minute this should have been done earlier and will confuse your body.  That is what you are trying to accomplish the more you can.  Switch your program the more engaged you will stay and the quicker results you will see.  Any questions or concerns email me at

See ya in the gym.

Getting help when you start is also key to a successful fitness program.  The average person who joins a health club and workout on his own, only 3% reach their goals and they attend the club consistently for one month.  The average person who joins and hires a trainer, 89% reach their goals and they last 18 months longer.  So get the help you need when getting started.  If one on one training is out of your budget look to join a group or a class.  Buddy system will also keep you motivated and held accountable.  For any questions or help setting your goals contact me at



            Anthony DeMarzo is a former semi-pro baseball player who has been changing lives and touching souls for over 20 years.  Anthony is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and carries certifications in flexibility, nutrition, and suspension cable training.  Anthony started Elite Fitness AZ three years ago and is North Scottsdale’s premier personal training company.  Check us out at


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