A Message from Benjamin Rosky, RHU

What a blessing!!  Every day I get to wake up, come to my office, and talk with many great people about ways they can control the security of their financial future through insurance benefits…a routine that brings great fulfillment to my life!  I am truly grateful God has brought me to fill this need, and that He has given me the capacity to do it effectively.  Now more than ever, I have the opportunity to give people what they are looking for more than anything else…peace of mind.

We all watch the news, and most of it is bad.  Many of us share the same challenges and fears in our lives:  the fiscal cliff, confusing federal regulation, rising taxes and insurance premiums, divorce, illness, death, running out of money in retirement (living too long), rising healthcare costs, and the security of our children’s future (just to name a few; I don’t want this to get depressing).  While we have little control over things like how long we will live or the cost of healthcare, we can make decisions in our lives that will greatly tilt the future in our favor.

This is just the reason why I am so excited about working with you in 2013!  We all buy insurance for the future, and for the security of our family.  The future is ahead of us; not one of us can afford to hide from it or the challenges it brings.  However, we can and must plan for it.  Our family counts on us.  Lets come up with a plan together!  Together, we can take steps now to protect our family from anything the future brings.  Together, we can promise our family they are safe.  Together, we can create guarantees for a better future!

Here is what you can expect:

  1. The government & insurance companies will decide on things that will change your life.

    L & A Services will provide professional guidance on any changes that may affect you, giving you the knowledge you need to make good decisions.

  2. Private insurance will always be relevant and important to anyone with assets.

    L & A Services will always provide reliable, unbiased advice for coverage through only the highest-quality insurance companies.

  3. Inflation is inevitable.

    L & A Services will show you how to reduce taxes, increase retirement income, and hedge inflation so your money will go further.

  4. Your family needs you for stability.

    Since 1985, families like yours rely on L & A Services for the tools necessary to create stability for the future.  You can count on us for years to come.

As I mentioned before, the future challenges we all face only give me more opportunity to live my passion for helping others.  It is my great pleasure to serve you.  Have a joyous holiday season, and hope your future is filled with Peace!


Ben Rosky, RHU

p.s. My phone number is 602-996-6010, and you may call me direct anytime with any questions.  Thank you for reading.


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