Donut Hole Fix for Medicare Beneficiaries

Seniors are concerned that in the next 2 months they may fall into their ‘donut hole’, if they have not already.  While in the ‘donut hole’, out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs increase for Medicare beneficiaries.   As a solution to this common problem, we have found a way to significantly reduce these costs during this time.

Accepted at thousands of pharmacies, the Arizona Rx Card is a complimentary prescription card that has saved hundreds of dollars in prescription costs for our clients, relatives and friends on Medicare.  We would like to see others use this card to save hundreds more!

Not only does the free card reduce prescription costs up to 78%, the Medication Pricing Guide also allows patients to ‘shop around’ for the best price on the drugs they need based on where they live.  Check your prescriptions here and you will find major price differences between one pharmacy and another.  You must use the Arizona Rx Card to receive the special pricing, and you can download as many as you need on this website.

The Medicare drug plan ‘donut hole’ is scheduled to close entirely by 2020.  Until then, we must find other ways to help our medical dollars stretch further, particularly for those high cost prescription drugs.  We believe this card is one solid solution you and your family members can use right away.

If you have any questions about this card,  please contact L & A Services, Inc at 602-996-6010.


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